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Apex devs are considering to make Locked & Loaded mode permanent

Published: 15:22, 24 February 2021
Apex Legends, Season 8: Mayhem screenshot
Apex Legends, Season 8: Mayhem brings Legendary Magazines

Apex Legends developer, Respawn Entertainment (EA), are considering to make the Locked & Loaded mode in which players start with Level 1 gear and Mozambique weapon, a permanent part of the game.

Locked & Loaded mode got featured in the Apex Legends game as a part of the Anniversary Collection event which took place throughout the month of February. In it, all players start the match with a grey shield and helmet, and Mozambique as a starting weapon. You also have an optic attachment for it, syringes, etc. It's somewhat similar to Call of Duty: Warzone starting loadout.

EA Apex Legends' most explosive Legend yet, Fuse Apex Legends' most explosive Legend yet, Fuse

The Locked and Loaded event was planned as a limited one but seeing how much popular it became, and how much love it receives from the Apex community, Respawn Entertainment could convert it into a permanent mode.

One Reddit user took the question to Respawn, and the Apex Legends dev gave a hopeful answer to all L&L fans out there:

“We are… considering it. Carefully. No conclusion has been reached yet. I’m personally a little worried about shortening the loot loop by removing grey loot… other than that though, it seems like all upside.”

Some players just can't go back to the base game, in which you start with no gear at all, but others are suggesting to the dev that they keep the Level 1 armour and helmet, but no starting weapon in the loadout.

We'll see what will Respawn Entertainment do with Locked & Loaded mode, but right now they have a bigger task on their plate, like launching Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch in March. 

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