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Apex Legends going back to Kings Canyon for a few days

Published: 03:09, 20 March 2020
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Never underestimate the power of nostalgia, right? Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment have revealed that their battle royale is going back to where it all began. No, not to the drawing board - Kings Canyon is coming back for a few days.

To be fair, Respawn have been occasionally switching back to Kings Canyon for a while now, which we're fairly confident has a lot to do with the pretty vocal community and whole lotta support.

"All hail the King(s Canyon). Squad up and drop in on Season 2 Kings Canyon starting tomorrow, March 20, through March 23. See you Legends there", the dev wrote. 

Unfortunately, Kings Canyon isn't coming back as a permanent mode, which not many players are exactly delighted with. Quite a few of them have been quite insistent on reminding the dev that the first Apex Legends map should be made available as a permanent mode, but alas - no luck so far. 

We must admit that after a while of absence from Apex Legends, we weren't expecting Kings Canyon to come back at all. 

Don't get us wrong here - going back there feels like visiting an old friend. However, chasing that first rush after firing up Respawn's battle royale isn't exactly something you bring back, especially considering a truckload of meta changes that have gone down since.

If somehow you missed the dev's earlier announcement, you should know that at least one thing from the System Override event has been added to the permanent modes. 

Respawn Hammond Robotics drilling into World's Edge in Apex Legends. Nothing says environmental safety like a giant laser.

Of course, we're talking about Evo Shields, whose in-game usage clearly wet just as the dev planned it will. Seeing numbers on paper is no substitute to the actual action, and our own scepticism quickly evaporated once the Apex Legends action started.

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