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Apex Legends goes full shotgun and sniper mode in Armed and Dangerous

Published: 19:12, 22 January 2020
Updated: 19:13, 22 January 2020
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It's been two days of relentless running in Respawn's Always Be Closing limited-time mode (LTM), and it's time for a rotation. Grand Soirée's event that's currently on is Armed and Dangerous, which plays with far ends of the range spectrum.

Yeah - it's all about snipers and shotguns, so you either keep your distance and keep clicking them heads, or make sure you can close it without getting sniped down into an Apex Legends' version of the genie lamp. 

To be fair, a sniper tailored to whoever's ranged combat preferences and a Peacekeeper are not at all a bad combination in regular Apex Legends matches. When matched with a reliable team and good game sense, it can be quite frustrating to go up against, but you probably know that already. 

It's actually quite interesting how Respawn's choice of Grand Soirée's modes can be viewed as a boot camp for high-level play so to speak. Each mode focused on a specific aspect of gameplay that when put together should ease any new players into what you need to reliably excel in Apex Legends. 

Being a world-champion pretender in procrastination myself, for instance, Always Be Closing has proven to be quite an exercise. Granted, I did underestimate the damage in the first round I played, which resulted in a swift death, but you can bet I was well ahead of the darn orange wall in subsequent matches.

EA Apex Legends, Grand Soirée Arcade Event Peacekeeper skin Apex Legends, Grand Soirée Arcade Event Peacekeeper skin

Grand Soirée, of course, continues and we've got two LTMs left to go, one of them being one of the longest-running requests by Apex Legends S1 nostalgics - Kings Canyon. Back when the event started, we anticipated that Respawn will save the best for last, so now it's a 50/50 toss between Kings Canyon After Dark and Dummies Big Day. 

That said, we're yet to learn the specifics on Dummies Big Day, but it does look like it will be a blast. As for Kings Canyon, c'mon - that's an old friend coming back. Anyway, go grab that Peacekeeper and get to pummeling. Oscar Mike ladies.

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