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Apex Legends getting new lore episode called Legacy of a Thief

Published: 12:29, 30 April 2020
artwork showing Apex Legends - Loba
Apex Legends - Loba

It's quite a big day for Apex Legends fans today, as Respawn announced new episode of Stories from the Outlands titled Legacy of a Thief, and we all know who that is.

Respawn have also been tweeting information on Simulacrums, as well as pieces of the in-game communication that was used to set the stage for Season 4: Assimilation's addition, Revenant. 

It's only fitting to see Revenant mentioned here, as his actions from the S4 trailer are closely tied with what the entire Apex Legends community is expecting next - Loba. 

"Tune in on Thursday, April 30 at 10AM PT to see the latest in our Stories from the Outlands series: Legacy of a Thief", the dev wrote, which is 5pm GMT in Europe. 

According to a data-mined schedule for Apex Legends: Season 5 teasers, we're also expecting some sort of teaser in-game. It was said to be Loba's brief appearance in the lobby, but we'll have to wait until tonight as its launch is a bit later. 

Apex Legends' last Stories from the Outlands episode was quite the blast, and we're quite exited to see where Respawn take their battle royale next. 

The studio insists that storytelling is at the centre of everything they do with the game, and they've already shaped Apex Legends into an excellent storytelling vehicle, in spite of the genre not really being a wordsmith's dream. 

Knowing that Respawn have been leaving a bread crumb trail in Season 3 specifically to throw off data miners, it's still possible that they spring a surprise, although it has to be said that the likelihood is quite low. Loba has been talked about more than SBMM and everyone feels it's about time.

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Apex Legends, Revenant

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