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Apex Legends getting more story and content once bunkers open

Published: 17:01, 08 June 2020
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What treasures does this fancy box hold

Once again, data miners are to thank for a proper heads up on incoming content, although Respawn left a few clues in Apex Legends interviews a bit earlier.

No need to worry about spoilers, as the data miner in question is Shrugtal, a prominent Apex Legends data miner that's actually mindful of the folks who like to experience the game at their own pace. 

That said, bunkers are hardly a spoiler, and Respawn talked about them in one of their earlier interviews, where they openly said they're just hidden caches of Apex Legends goodies, with an added timer.  

They suggested that unlocking will make sense narratively as well, saying, "We're going to unlock it at a certain time that lines up with some other stuff that we have coming." Season 5: Fortune's Favor has indeed been great for Apex Legends' storytelling department so why quit while winning.

According to Shrugtal's findings Terminal Station F-85 should be the first in line, and it should open from June 16-23. Terminal Station W-73 is set for June 23-30; Terminal Station O-240 comes from June 30 - July 7, while Terminal Station L-19 is on From July 7-14. 

You don't need to tell us that the bunkers will be in high demand whenever they launch, so at least make sure to bring enough bullets. Once the initial interest subsides, getting those golden Prowlers, Havocs and Sentinels should be much easier. 

We recently learned that skill-based matchmaking has become Respawn's internal measurement of fan fury, where everything else is described as better or worse. They also stressed that math is firmly stacked against players' claims, so the system isn't going anywhere.

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