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Apex Legends solo mode goes live for a limited time

Published: 07:16, 14 August 2019
Respawn Entertainment
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Apex Legends

Apex Legends' Iron Crown Collection brought about the new solos mode along with a bunch of pirate / medieval themed cosmetics and a new currency. The mode can be played and the cosmetics can be unlocked only for the duration of the event.

Iron Crown Collection is now live in Apex Legends which means the time-limited solos mode is also underway. Now it only remains to be seen which Legend dominates this mode since players will likely find Pathfinder, Lifeline and Wraith the most useful. On the flip side, it's hard to imagine anyone dominating it with Gibraltar or Caustic.

There are 24 new cosmetic items, ranging from Legend skins over gun skins to other cosmetics such as banners. We will hazard a wild guess that you are most interested in Legend skins so here is a little bit more info on that.

A grand total of 7 new skins will be introduced and they are all themed after medieval armours or pirate outfits. Mirage and Lifeline are definitely rocking the new pirate appearance while Wraith's armoured version also looks fantastic. The Warmachine Pathfinder skins is also unique among the collection, making it hard to place it in the two themes.

Players will be able to earn these skins through the Iron Crown loot boxes that will be present for the duration of the event. Sometimes, they will get the drops directly while other the game will offer Iron Crown currency on other occasions. It can later be used to purchase chosen items.

Crowns can also be earned by completing in-game challenges so players will not have to simply rely on getting them from randomised loot boxes, be it purchased ones or the ones earned.

EA Apex Legends' new character, Wattson Apex Legends, Wattson

Bloodhound's heirloom will only be unlockable with 3.500 Apex Coins, which translates into $35 and only after the other 24 items have been unlocked. Therefore, only those with the most dedication and least attachment to their funds will be able to get the axe teased in the trailer above.

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