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Apex Legends gets Gibby buff, Wraith nerf, dumps extended energy mags

Published: 09:34, 15 January 2020
Apex Legends artwork showing wraith character
Apex Legends - Wraith

Respawn have officially started Apex Legends' Grand Soirée event but the patch notes have a few more points of interest, such as a Gibraltar buff, Wraith nerf and the dropping of extended energy mags in preparation for Season 4.

Now, the Grand Soirée's first day is behind us, and Gold Rush Duos is definitely a blast to play. You have until later today to try it, after which it's time for Third-Person Mode, but you can read all about the - let's dig into the other changes. 

Gibby is definitely living the dream these days, especially if you remember just how underpowered he was not long ago, but we're not complaining. As of this update, Gibraltar will revive squadmates faster when inside the Dome Shield. 

As for Wraith, Respawn's first change was that they "Removed the bonus move speed Into the Void and Dimensional Rift at the same time. Wraith will now move at their combined movement speed when they are both activated."

Wraith's cooldown for Into the Void has been increased by 10 seconds, and we have a strange feeling Apex Legends' dev team will be hearing about this for a while. 

Crypto's surveillance drone had its health buffed from 1 to 30. His EMP no longer affects friendly traps and deployables, and the same goes for slowing friendlies, which makes timed breaching much more viable and potent.

EA Apex Legends character Mirage in fancy clothes Apex Legends, Grand Soirée Arcade Event - yo boi Mirage

Extended energy mags are no more, and Respawn nailed Havoc mag size at 32 and Devotion at 44, insisting that these changes will make much more sense in Season 4. This actually seems to be a mistake, as this wasn't meant to go live this early, but there we have it. 

Last but not least is the Tournament Mode, which you'll notice when choosing your game. "This feature is limited to approved partners and allows them to arrange private player matches, record live footage via game client spectators, and view match results. Our goal here is to provide great tools for tournament organizers for setting up teams and matches at events and a better spectating experience for fans", they wrote. 

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