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Apex Legends gets Evo Shield map, but don't underestimate Mirage's Voyage

Published: 11:12, 05 March 2020
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It didn't take long for the diligent fans to come up with a map of all the known locations for Apex Legends' new gimmick, the Evo Shield. That said, Deja Loot LTM's dependability means you shouldn't be so quick to dismiss other locations.

If you're just coming back to Apex Legends and wondering what the heck are Evo Shields, in short - it's a white shield that upgrades with every 100 damage you do. You can upgrade that way to red, i.e. beyond purple level, as long as you keep doing damage in Deja Loot LTM. 

The map was posted by a Reddit user named Dndo, and we reckon it took quite a few drops to map these out, so make sure to hop on over to Reddit and drop him an upvote. 

As you can see, Respawn didn't exactly drown the Apex Legends map in Evo Shields, although there's a possibility that the map still missed a few spots. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to actual Apex Legends play, and coincidentally - if you visit the post linked above you'll find out there too - Respawn decision to not remove the rest of the shields from Deja Loot means Evo Shields are more like a crutch than overpowered. 

In fact, if you look near Mirage's Voyage, you'll find a spot with two purple shields and a nice selection of guns that easily beats any of the Evo Shield locations. Not to mention that it'll nicely shield more than one of you. Yeah, we know we just said it. 

Apex Legends, Evo Shield map locations Apex Legends, Evo Shield map

So far, Evo Shields are more like a crutch or a way for skilled players to quickly ensure they're in the red, which this time doesn't carry negative, bank-related connotations. 

That said, players like Shroud already had some ideas about Evo Shield-only modes, which would additionally evolve with each ring shrink. We can't say it's not well worth thinking about by Apex Legends dev, although this might be crossing the line from removing randomness in loot to removing the skill needed to reach the final ring properly geared up. 

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