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Apex Legends: Evo Shield permanently added for Ranked, casual and LTMs

Published: 03:09, 18 March 2020
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Apex Legends, System Override's permanent loot locations

Deja Loot LTM has officially ended but here's something to remember it by. Namely, after careful consideration, Respawn have decided to make Evo Shields a permanent addition to Apex Legends' Ranked and casual modes, as well as any future LTMs.

Both Deja Loot LTM and Evo Shields came as part of Respawn's System Override event, but only one is staying as a permanent addition. 

Even though the dev was quite interested in hearing what the Apex Legends community thinks of Evo Shields, the feature is the same one as in System Override. They've actually been asking for player feedback, but none of it seems to have seeped through. 

Some community members feel like Respawn asked them for feedback only to ignore them. Indeed, there have been quite a few discussions and suggestions across Reddit and Twitter,  so we can only assume that two weeks worth of Evo Shield stats showed nothing out of the ordinary. 

Apex Legends has been dubbed the official EA shooter for fiscal 2021, courtesy of the publisher's move to extend Battlefield's development time. Respawn's team seriously upped the tempo in 2020 and they've really been on fire, so we're definitely excited to see where they go next. 

That said, Activision and Infinity Ward's launch of free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone not only stole some of Apex Legends' wind, it once again brought some of the most common complaints to the fore. Whether it's 20Hz servers or absence of permanent Duos and Solos modes, Respawn's battle royale is likely to be compared to Warzone for the foreseeable future. 

Comparing Apex Legends to Fortnite without factoring in the manpower available to Respawn and Epic is much like trying to compare David and Goliath without mentioning the size difference - it's not exactly fair. Replacing Fortnite with Call of Duty: Warzone isn't much different in terms of fairness, but you could argue it's still a step up from Fortnite.

In practice, however, whether it's fair or unfair won't matter - all three are free-to-play games and Respawn has to compete with them for players' time and attention. They've proven they can tango with the best of them when it comes to innovation and content, but Warzone's arrival means the stakes are raised.

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