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Apex Legends dev is extra careful when introducing Duos or other modes

Published: 12:00, 16 February 2020
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Apex Legends players have been calling for a permanent Duos mode for quite a while now, many of them quite aggressively so, but Respawn explained why they're being extra careful with any potentially playerbase-dividing modes.

Come to think of it, there's a section of Apex Legends players who'd rather have solos, even though that would defeat the entire point of what I rightfully claim was Respawn's rejuvenation of the entire battle royale genre, but the dev is definitely on top of the situation. 

"We understand that the fans of the game want these other modes to play, and we want them to have those modes as well. But we need to make sure that we're introducing them in a way that is healthy for the game and doesn't take away from all the other great parts of the game", Apex Legends director Chad Grenier told Gamespot. 

Introducing a new Apex Legends mode sounds easy and simple in principle, but what it does behind the scenes is divide the playerbase, which can easily make matchmaking and activity not many players are willing to wait through.

"One risk that we have to watch out for is dividing our player base, so we need to make sure that people are still able to find matches, whether it's in Trios or Solos, or whatever the modes might be. The goal isn't to take it away from players. The goal is to bring it back in a healthy way that both makes the fans happy and also doesn't make the overall game experience worse. And so that's what we're doing now", he added. 

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What Apex Legends players can be excited for is that Respawn have a bunch of modes they're testing internally, many of them being much weirder than what we've seen in the Grand Soirée Arcade Event. 

"Internally, we had a designer prototype a game mode that would be for a limited time, and it involves bananas--actual bunches of bananas. Now, whether they're bananas when [it] is released into the game, probably not. But that is kind of what happens internally, as far as weird goes. There are lots of crazy ideas", he said. 

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