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Apex Legends dev handing out bans to Ranked PC players who quit early

Published: 17:45, 23 October 2019
artwork showing the original Apex Legends characters
The original Apex Legends characters

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has begun handing out bans to PC players who have been quitting matches with Alt-F4 so as to avoid the RP penalties in Ranked Leagues, sending a clear message that exploits will not be tolerated.

Respawn's Drew McCoy broke the news via his Twitter feed, where he wrote, "We've temporarily banned players detected to be heavy abusers of quitting the game to avoid penalties in Ranked. Going forward we will not hesitate to punish players who abuse new exploits and will increase penalties as we see fit, including permanent bans and revoking RP." 

Leaving an Apex Legends match normally brings penalties but by using Alt-F4, players made it look as if the game crashed. This meant that they can get away with quitting at any time, for whatever reason, with no penalty.

Now, however, Respawn started swinging the ban hammer and they're not kidding either. McCoy stressed that the heaviest abusers will not be getting "short, 20 minute, bans" and while he stopped short of saying how they decide on the length of a ban  - he did say they're directly related to how heavily a player abused the exploit. 

It didn't take long for Apex Legends players who suffer from multiple crashes daily to voice their concerns over potentially ending up in the same boat as the exploit users, but McCoy laid these to rest. 

"If your PC crashes a day you should not be worried", he said, which is not only comforting for the innocent - it's also an indicator of just how frequently these Legends resorted to cheap tricks. 

EA screenshot showing Apex Legends' new map Apex Legends' new map

Several of the now-banned players responded to McCoy, arguing that the bans seem too harsh, especially given the time and money they sunk into Apex Legends. 

Unfortunately for them, Respawn's of Ranked Leagues made it unequivocally clear that players who leave the game before a match is over for them, whether it's in the character select menu, regular gameplay or while waiting to be rezzed/ will be penalised, so we guess it's best if they just waited it out.

Respawn Apex Legends artwork of Caustic character executing a person in a lab coat with gas Apex Legends - Caustic

You can find McCoy's .

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