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Apex Legends dev fixes BP progress reset bug, rewards players

Published: 13:18, 13 November 2020
Apex Legends, Olympus, Primary Power Grid
Apex Legends, Olympus, Primary Power Grid

Our suspicions in regards to Apex Legends' Battle Pass progress resetting have been right on the money, and it didn't take long for Respawn to make it right, with a little surprise on top to appease players.

Even though there were suspicions that BP progress resetting was an intended feature, with some claiming it's nothing but a way for the dev to promote Apex Coin spending, it turns out it was merely a bug that was a result of pushing out Apex Legends Battle Pass changes quickly. 

Switching to the Stars system and making changes to the Battle Pass grind in Apex Legends' Season 7: Ascension has clearly left some unwanted effects, but thankfullly, the dev reacted quickly. Writing on Twitter, they wrote. 

We've just pushed out two updates:

  • Fixed an issue causing some BP progress to be lost. To make up for that bug, we've turned on Double XP. It'll run until next week's patch.
  • Changed Ring Damage: Ring 3 goes from 5% per tick to 10%. Ring 4 and Ring 5 go from 10% to 20%.

Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends - pre-loads on Steam Apex Legends - pre-loads on Steam

From what we've heard from Respawn last time, the next patch they're referring to above is coming next week, although we don't know the exact date and time yet. What we do know, however, is that the Apex Legends update in question will bring further changes to BP difficulty. 

You can find the Double XP announcement on Respawn's Twitter .

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