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Apex Legends cutting back on Season 7 grind

Published: 17:22, 11 November 2020
Updated: 18:28, 11 November 2020
Apex Legends, Olympus, Autumn Estates
Apex Legends, Olympus, Autumn Estates

In their recent Reddit AMA, Respawn's developers agreed with the Apex Legends community that Season 7: Ascension grind is a bit over the top, and now they have a solution.

Respawn decided to revert the difficulty of the daily challenges to Season 6 levels, although the number of stars rewarded will remain the same. Note that these are just the daily challenges, but they're not stopping there. 

According to Apex Legends director Chad Grenier, next week will bring another patch to further tackle the difficulty issue. The patch will make it so that weekly challenges always give you an opportunity to complete them with more than one legend. 

Even if you're against the changes, which some players indeed seem to be, Respawn will make it worth your while. Namely, all players will be granted 10 free BP levels.

With the start of Season 7: Ascension, Respawn introduced new challenge objectives and rewards in order to create a more varied and rewarding experience. Rewards from the recurring Weekly Challenges have been rolled into the revamped Daily Challenges.

We suppose it was to be expected that the newly created system will have a hitch or two, although we must say once more that not all players found Season 7 challenges that hard. Granted, it's likely to have taken a toll on people who play Apex Legends for shorter bursts, but either way - Respawn took care of it relatively quickly. 

EA Apex Legends, New S7 dailies Apex Legends, New S7 dailies

Grenier didn't say when to expect Apex Legends' next week's patch but our bets are on the first half of the week. Naturally, we're speculating here so take it with a grain of salt - what matters is that it's next week.

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Apex Legends, Season 7: Ascension

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