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Apex Legends dev decides to tone down Kings Canyon a bit

Published: 12:14, 16 April 2020
Apex Legends, Octane's knife heirloom
Apex Legends, Octane's heirloom

After what seemed like a decade worth of lamenting Kings Canyon, the Apex Legends community was finally handed their wish. Unfortunately, Respawn giveth - Respawn taketh away.

We're kidding of course - the only thing Respawn are removing is Kings Canyon After Dark, a nighttime rendering of Apex Legends' maiden map. 

"Last week, we added in map rotation. After taking in all your feedback over the past 7 days, we've decided to make some changes to map rotation. Effective immediately, we'll be removing Nighttime Kings Canyon", the dev wrote. 

That said, Kings Canyon may have earned itself a permanent stay in Apex Legends, but that doesn't mean it's immune to changes. Respawn said they'll be cutting back on the time it's available in rotation, so we guess it's time to start missing it once more.

As far as Ranked play goes, there will be no changes, at least for the time being. Apex Legends players will find Kings Canyon to be readily accessible in Ranked, although but we're not sure what this may mean for the future.

In the patch notes for The Old Ways Event, the dev explained why they were so slow to react to the community's requests.

"We want to keep queue times as short as possible, which is why we decided to go with rotation vs. selection as we believe selection could have a very negative impact on queue times across the world. We’ll be keeping the maps on a fairly quick rotation and tweaking it as we study the data and listen to your feedback", they said. 

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We seem to recall Kings Canyon After Dark causing issues back when it was first released, but we can't know whether the removal has anything to do with that.

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