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Apex Legends dev confirms damage tracker is coming in Season 8

Published: 08:50, 31 December 2020
Updated: 08:56, 31 December 2020
Apex Legends, Olympus, Primary Power Grid
Apex Legends, Olympus, Primary Power Grid

And here we thought Stories from the Outlands: Fight Night will be the last bit of Apex Legends news in 2020, but leaked dev build info and design director Jason McCord made sure it's not.

The way this was revealed was actually pretty funny, as it shows that no matter what game developers may have to say, a random fan will always bring the topic back to the game. Well, it may not be funny to devs, but still. 

Anyway, Respawn's producer Josh Medina took to Twitter to give his opinion on Wonder Woman 1984, and all it took for McCord is to chime in with his own opinion for the aforementioned random fan to fire away an Apex question. 

In his defence, it was quite a polite one, which was probably a reason why he got an answer. "Don’t think you will reply, but any chance for a damage tracker? Like maybe you could toggle a setting to show damage? I’m so desperate sorry", he enquired. 

McCord's first response was for Apex Legends fans to simply wait another week, but he quickly corrected himself. "Hold up I spoke too soon. Didn't make the cutoff for this patch, but should be in S8", he added. 

So there you have it, damage tracker is coming in hard and fast and by the time everyone properly shakes off their New Year's hangover, we'll have ourselves some damage tracking in Apex Legends. 

Furthermore, the recently leaked screenshots of a dev build unveiled a bunch of yet-to-be-unveiled Apex Legends content, such as a tropical map, various modes that are not in the game currently, as well as teasers for Fuse, a long-awaited legend whose arrival has been talked about for some time now. 

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Apex Legends, Season 7: Ascension

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