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Leaked Apex Legends list reveals potential new map and modes

Published: 20:04, 30 December 2020
Apex Legends - Horizon
Apex Legends - Horizon

In addition to yesterday's Stories from the Outlands: Fight Night, Apex Legends players have even more to think about as a leaked list revealed names of a bunch of upcoming content.

As explained by prominent Apex Legends data miner Tobias (Biast12 on Twitter), the screenshots weren't meant to be distributed, but someone did it anyway via Reddit. They show testers finishing games in new LTMs and maps, most of which aren't in the current build of Apex Legends.

"Just to clear it up, this isn't insider info, this is from the test build thing we got into some weeks ago, but we agreed not to post it/spread it, but apparently someone wanted to go against that and just posted it", he tweeted. 

Tobias also clarified the info featured in the screenshots, as those who do not follow data miners are likely to be confused and/or not see anything worth noting. 

So, MU stands for map update, and MU3 is yet to be released. There's mention of the Tropic Playtest, which could easily be the new Apex Legends map, as it coincides with earlier reports of a potential tropical-themed map. 

Estate Arenas is yet another feature being mentioned, although we're not sure whether it's an LTM or a regular incoming mode. 

Same goes for Apex Predator: Squads (60 players) and 1 LVL Boost, although the former reminds us of the S7 testing glitch, where some error caused an entire Apex Legends roster to be grouped into a single team. 

Apex Legends, dev build leak Apex Legends, dev build leak

Tobias shared his thoughts on Airdrop Takeover and Salvo Ship Active Tease, suggesting that the former could be Pathfinder's Town Takeover. The latter is likely to be related to Fuse, a long-rumoured impending addition to the roster, but take both with a grain of salt. 

You can find Tobias' tweet here .

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