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Apex Legends characters Forge and Conduit leaked

Published: 10:51, 13 November 2019
artwork showing the original Apex Legends characters
The original Apex Legends characters

The latest Apex Legends leak has revealed two more Legends, that could be coming to game pretty soon. Named Forge and Conduit, these two haven't been mentioned in the game files until now.

Respawn Entertainment have been introducing a lot of fresh content to their battle royale Apex Legends ever since the game released in February this year. Recently, the game received a brand new map, new characters and weapons and the developer certainly won't be stopping anytime soon when it comes to adding new content.

According to some previous leaks, a fresh batch of new Legends is planned for release pretty soon and today we have two new Legends, which haven't been mentioned in the game files before. Named Forge and Conduit, both of these characters are at the back of the line since Revenant, Loba and others are scheduled to release before them. This is according to the leaked Dev sheet that made the rounds a few months ago, revealing development phases of each new character.

At the moment, the details about Forge and Conduit are pretty scarce but thanks to Apex Legends data miners, we have the first look at the description and their potential skills. Forge is described as Augmented Brawler and his skills include Pull Shot, Ground Slam, K.O. Punch, One-Two, On The Ropes and Victory Rush.

That's a lot of skills but we doubt that all these will end up in the final build. Judging by the description of these skills, which you can see below, Forge sounds like another tanky character with strong melee game.

Conduit, on the other hand, is described as Overshield Conductor and has three skills - Arc Flash, Short Circuit and Capacitance. Conduit's strength is in his shield as seen in the description below and he can even hurt his own shield to give his mates an overshield.

Shrugtal Twitter Apex Legends' data files reveal two new characters Apex Legends - data files reveal two new characters

A lot of Apex Legends leaks turned out to be true but take these with a grain of salt since game files can often contain old data, which is something that Apex Legends devs already mentioned.

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