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Apex Legends' popularity increased Titanfall 2 player count

Published: 15:19, 12 February 2019
Respawn Entertainment
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Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' popularity is rubbing off on its spiritual predecessor, Titanfall 2. Respawn Entertainment are on a roll as not only their battle royale surfed past the competition, but also boosted the popularity of their older games.

Titanfall 2 is a universally loved game as both critics and players loved playing it, even though it didn't sell well. As a result, news of a Titanfall-based battle royale named Apex Legends quickly spread after a leak during the weekend before the official announcement and release on Monday, 04 February 2019.

Since then, Apex Legends has enjoyed massive success, managing to get over two million concurrent players in just one week of its existence, but the success wasn't limited only to this title. Apparently, Apex Legends inspired Titanfall fans to revisit Titanfall 2 which resulted in revitalised numbers of concurrent players.

One Redditor managed to take a screenshot when the on Xbox One. This is a major increase, since the last time so many players were enjoying Titanfall 2 at the same time was back in 2017. The Reddit post inspired even more players to reinstall the game so the number might even go up further in the coming days.

Meanwhile, player count is a bit lower on PC, with a peak standing at 3.423 concurrent players. It's not as much of a drastic increase as for Xbox One, but it is still almost triple of the concurrent player peak captured in January 2019. You can check the player count movements who followed them since Titanfall 2's release.

Unfortunately, there is no tangible data for PlayStation 4 yet, but the moment we get any info on PlayStation 4 Titanfall 2 concurrent player numbers, we will update this article.

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Whether, or how long, these numbers hold up is uncertain now as this could be just a nostalgia wave among Titanfall 2 fans, but it could potentially spark some more interest for the game as the entry barrier for new players isn't that high - the game often finds itself on sales when it costs only $5 on Origin.

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