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Apex Legends adds Duos and Firing Range, nerfs Wingman HS multiplier

Published: 14:13, 06 November 2019
A first-person view of a firing range in Apex Legends
Apex Legends, new Firing Range

Respawn Entertainment rolled out the 3.1 update to Apex Legends and it adds the new and improved Firing Range that lets you try out everything that's in the game, and Duos, which the fans have been clamouring for quite a while now.

Now, the earlier training ground wasn't broken per se, but the lack of attachments and character abilities meant that trying out specific loadouts still requires dropping in and winging it. You could practice with basic weapons, but the benefits will decrease with each successive attachment you pick up, so again - you were best left practising Apex Legends by playing.  

What this translated to in the field is that new players and those visiting from other games are destined for the long and relentless meat grinder of a trial-and-error royale, where they'd often learn a gun is semi-auto when it's far too late.

Apex Legends has also received a long-awaited and community-requested Duos mode, but not as a permanent fixture - it's a limited-time mode that lasts until 19 November 2019. We've no doubt that the community will continue clamouring for it but Respawn seem reluctant to make it permanent.

Wingman's headshot multiplier is down to 2.1 from 2.15, so not a radical nerf by any measure, but should be enough to knock off a few kills. Some people are really scary good with it. 

Much like they did with the Triple Take before, Respawn increased projectile width on several weapons- L-Star, Lonbow DMR, Kraber and G7 Scout. As of this update, shotguns will have small-width projectiles. 

Respawn artwork showing the original Apex Legends characters The original Apex Legends characters

We must say though - seeing all the Apex Legends gear in the Firing Range is strangely satisfying. Somehow in my mind there wasn't as much of it though. 

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