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Apex developer hints at long awaited Mirage update

Published: 12:09, 09 May 2020
Apex Legends gameplay trailer screenshot
Legends looking fresh for the new season

A design director at Respawn Entertainment has hinted in a tweet that the upcoming new season patch for Apex Legends will have the long-awaited Mirage update fans have been asking for.

Mirage has, for the longest time, been a beloved legend in the game. His personality and backstory is one of the main reasons many fans of the game have grown to adore him. While his fun design and creative writing have made him somewhat of an icon, his gameplay has really doused his flames. 

Right now it is well known that mirage, at least when it comes to usefulness during a match, is pretty useless. While most legends outgrew their season 1 problems, being adapted and worked on tirelessly to make them viable picks for any player, Mirage was just kind of left to hang. 

That is not to say that nothing has been done to change the fate of the holographic trickster, but all the efforts were just not enough it seems. Mirage is still the least picked legend with the worst win rate in-game. Most of this boils down to the usefulness, or rather uselessness of his abilities. 

”Psyche Out”, Mirage’s tactical is meant to send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy. Due to the decoy being so unrealistic, even after countless fixes, it more or less just shows your opponents which rock you are hiding behind. 

The passive, “Encore!”, is supposed to automatically drop a decoy and cloak for 5 seconds when knocked down. And that could work if the decoy wasn’t equivalent to a second-grader in acting skill. The silly “death” animation doesn’t help in terms of gameplay and is more a representation of the legends silly character than anything else.

Finally “Vanishing act”, the ultimate ability that deploys a team of decoys to distract enemies while he cloaks could be used in various ways to confuse the enemy, that is if the decoys where believable.

To sum it up, his weak toolkit makes him more of a liability to any team rather than an asset, especially when there are other legends that are much better balanced and more useful. 

EA Apex Legends Character trailer Screenshot New season new Mirage

But all that may be changing soon, as Jason McCord, the design director at Respawn Entertainment, the company responsible for making Apex Legends, responded to a fan asking about the long-awaited Mirage update in a tweet , saying “Patch notes coming on Tuesday! (Mirage fans should be happy)”.

This came right after the new gameplay trailer was released, in which Mirage seemed to be unchanged apart from a new skin we are receiving in the new season. 

This news sparked excitement among fans of the game and the character. Any update that would adapt Mirage and make him a viable pick for the new season would be a welcome sight. Let's just hope the fans are not the ones being bamboozled this time.

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