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Anthem's dwindling player count reportedly hits matchmaking

Published: 14:17, 08 May 2019
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BioWare pride themselves for having the matchmaking feature for just about any Anthem activity but now it appears this feature has been hit by the dwindling player numbers in the game as the harder difficulty activities are not worth it.

Anthem is a looter shooter and with that in mind, players will almost always optimise their gaming time to get as much loot with the least effort possible at any given moment. Normally, looter shooter games have either mechanics that hamper these efforts or enough content to keep players engaged in various activities.

It appears that Anthem has neither as there is just one mission that is optimal for gearing up and the higher difficulty missions are hard to not just do, but also to find groups for. 

According to Forbes , the player numbers have started to dwindle, to no one's surprise, and the groups for harder tiers are hard to find. The community probably figured out it's better to run a mission on GM1 three times than do it on GM3 once, as both options take about the same time to finish but three runs on lower difficulty offer a better turnover.

To make matters worse, those who do manage to find a group for GM3 usually get dropped into an incomplete group and the last one or two members never join it. It is currently unclear whether this happens due to an issue with matchmaking or there simply are not enough interested players.

Therefore, players are usually corralled into a single stronghold on the same difficulty to keep repeating it over and over again since different activities or difficulties are both a worse experience and a waste of time as they don't award as much loot.

Ubisoft Picture of some agents shooting up Tidal Basin The Division 2 - Tidal Basin

At the same time, one of the main competitors, The Division 2, has:

  • 15 missions, with varying difficulty with each setting being worth it
  • Five Strongholds with a pile of loot
  • dozens of bounties that vary in difficulty and rewards but all feel worth it
  • three Dark Zones that practically throw loot at any players willing to play them

In a state like this, the only selling point Anthem has over The Division 2 is the setting, for players who like power armours and futuristic fantasy. Then again, nothing is stopping them from switching to Destiny 2 in that case.

Anthem, action RPG shooter by BioWare and Electronic Arts

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