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Anthem gets 1.1.1 update and removes Elysian Caches

Published: 15:57, 07 May 2019
A soldier in Javelin, exosuits from BioWare's game Anthem

Even though most fans are hoping for extensive changes on Anthem's loot system, that will have to wait a bit more. Bioware's latest patch is v1.1.1 and it's mostly focused on fixing some minor issues with stats, audio and graphics.

Of course, Anthem's v1.1.1 update also means Elysian Caches are going the way of the dodo, so we can only hope you used up any keys you may have had laying around before this morning's update.

As for the update, it didn't have any downtime, which gives you a good idea of the scope of updating, and indeed - the patch notes are pretty light.

Anthem's new update fixes the error that incorrectly displayed weapon and component stat values, as well as the one that incorrectly calculated suit power level.

Also fixed were some localisation issues, like French and Spanish audio in the Sunken Cell stronghold.

There's been some stray Anthem loot drops too, and from now on, "Partially defeated encounters will no longer re-dispense loot from previously defeated creatures", Bioware wrote.

The dev addressed the "slight delay in Salvaging at End of Expedition", and speaking of the end of expedition, PC players will have to hold right click to salvage items from now on.

As for the rest of Anthem changes, like the much-requested loot system revamp, players will have to be patient for an indefinite amount of time, as Bioware recently reshuffled the game's , delaying features like Cataclysm, Guild system and Leaderboards.

The studio says that even though they allocated the time to develop these features, they didn't anticipate the sheer number of bugs and other fixes they had to deal with thus far. So, Bioware had to make a pretty unpopular move of delaying upcoming features so as to fix existing ones.

Oats Studios picture showing a robot Anthem

Anthem isn't exactly in great shape and it will take plenty of work to turn it into the game we all expected it to be. We've recently heard about its affecting matchmaking, so we hope Bioware don't end up locked in this vicious cycle.

You can find the 1.1.1 patch notes .

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