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Anthem celebrates Holidays with Icetide event

Published: 14:38, 12 December 2019
Icetide event brings snowy vistas to Anthem
Icetide event brings snowy vistas to Anthem

Anthem is celebrating Holidays with a special Winter-themed event named Icetide. The event brings new strongholds new legendary event and new challenges.

Bioware's sci-fi looter shooter Anthem may have failed initially, but the devs are not giving up on their creation. Instead, they promise a total overhaul, which should be coming sometime in 2020. The big update will be named Anthem Next or Anthem 2.0 but before the new stuff actually arrives, there a lot of fresh content that is currently being added to Anthem.

Today, Bioware and EA introduced Icetide Season, a brand new Holiday-themed event that brings a snowy makeover to Anthem's world. "Shaper devices have brought localized ice storms into Bastion, bringing excitement with every glittering snowflake across the region. Ice is rare here, but when it arrives, people know that Icetide celebrations will soon follow. Holiday lights shine throughout Fort Tarsis, their bright colours sparkling on blankets of snow," it's written in the official description.

The event brings seasonal themed Stronghold and each week, a different seasonal Stronghold will unlock for all players. Strongholds will feature leaderboards so you can compete with other Freelancers for the highest score.

New Freeplay Time Trials are also coming. You'll get to test your javelin flight and navigation skills in eight-time trials that can be found in Bastion.

On top of these additions, Icetide comes with new Legendary World Event named Icetide Coolant Harvesting. Players have to help the Arcanist harvest precious coolant resources while fighting off the outlaw forces that are trying to steal it from you.

EA screenshot showing Icetide time trial in anthem Icetide time trials

New challenges are available with special vanity rewards like new armour sets, special trial wraps and more. The featured store now offers seasonal cosmetics while all Legendary loot drops on GM3 now drop with +5 Gear Score.

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