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Bioware stealth launch new Anthem update that brings Cataclysm

Published: 16:43, 06 August 2019
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Bioware released a new patch for their looter shooter Anthem. The update has been launched without any big announcement and it introduces the Cataclysm event along with new story missions and more. Luck has also been replaced on all items.

After many weeks without a single update, Bioware today quietly released a major patch for their looter shooter Anthem. Without any big announcements on social media pages and Origin client, Bioware added the Cataclysm event, new story missions, tweaked some existing features and also fixed various bugs.

The biggest addition is, of course, the Cataclysm event, which is available on the Start of Expedition screen for all players who have completed the Incursion mission. Cataclysm will evolve over time by unlocking new arenas as the weeks progress. There are also new Cataclysm related activities such as challenges, Freeplay events and more. 

A season store has also been added in Fort Tarsis. Here, you can purchase war chests and new cosmetic items with crystals you earn by playing the mentioned activities. The items will rotate every week during the Cataclysm expansion.

Another big change that was introduced in today's update is the removal of Luck from all items. Luck is replaced with bonus armour according to the patch notes, and as a result, all players should notice drop rates from Easy through Grandmaster 1 difficulty modes, if they previously had maximum Luck builds.

Also, Legendary and Masterwork drop rates in Grandmaster 2 and Grandmaster 3 difficulties have been increased for all players, including those who previously had maximum Luck equipped.

Inversions is another new feature which changes the way your Javelin interacts with the environment to various degrees. Some Inversions will hinder you, some will help. For example, Turbo Gear will increase your gear recharge rate, Lightning Rod will chain lighting to nearby enemies after close-range kills while Broken Magazine will remove spare ammo from weapons, but enemies will drop ammo more often instead.

All in all, a lot of new changes and activities have been added to Anthem. Is it too late for Bioware's latest title? Well, the fact that they released the patch without an official announcement tells the whole story.

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Read the full patch notes on .

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