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Bioware reveal Anthem's antagonist faction and its commander

Published: 17:04, 27 December 2018
Updated: 18:53, 27 December 2018
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Bioware's continued promotional efforts now shine a light on one of Anthem's prime villainous factions - The Dominion. Their leader is a figure known as The Monitor, who is apparently some sort of vile big-shot in the world of Anthem.

A couple of weeks ago we got a first sneak peek at Anthem's villain faction - The Dominion. So far only featured in a story trailer, it was hinted that more info about the game's antagonists is on the way in the coming weeks.

Bioware have now shared more details about this Dominion in a blog post which focuses on the baddy faction, Anthem's powers and the purpose behind the creation of Javelins. 

The suits which give humans all sorts of superpowers were originally created to fight various beasts, rebuild settlements, keep civilisation safe and stop The Dominion from reaching their goal.

The Dominion are a militaristic society situated in the northern part of the world and their commander known as The Monitor claims to have discovered a way to control the power of Anthem. Players both solo and in groups will be tasked with stoppingšing him "from harnessing the Anthem’s power."

Bioware haven't shared any information about what fighting The Dominion will be like in terms of gameplay. It's just bits and pieces of fluff so far, which does little more than serve the ever-puffing hype machine.

Bioware picture showing combat in Anthem Anthem

Judging by the images so Bioware shared so far, it looks like The Monitor will throw around some sort of purple lighting but so far it all remains little more than a tease.

Everything revealed about The Dominion up to this point seems like a typical "save the world from bad guys" set up. Still, Bioware will probably reveal additional info as we're nearing the open and closed beta .

Bioware's season pass and DLC for Anthem have already been addressed, and a more look at the Interceptor class as well as The Temple of the Scar dungeon is the other bit the studio decided to elaborate on.

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