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AMD to launch their DLSS competitor in the upcoming months

Published: 12:55, 10 February 2021
screenshot showing AMD Radeon RX 6000 series
AMD Radeon RX 6000 series

According to the latest rumours, AMD may finally reveal their DLSS-like Super Resolution technology sometime this Spring. The tech reportedly has great performance but it does not look as good as Nvidia DLSS.

Nvidia's supersampling technology named DLSS has been a major success for the tech giant since the introduction of the second iteration, which improved the feature massively. Many gamers are in love with DLSS which allows them to enjoy high frame-rates without a significant loss in visual quality.

DLSS has also been a major advantage for Nvidia in their battle with AMD, who recently released RX 6000, which brings impressive performance in rasterization but fails to deliver when it comes to ray-tracing and supersampling.

However, AMD have been working on their own version of super sampling named Super Resolution, which is yet to be officially announced and revealed. According to the rumours, the wait could finally be over since AMD plan to release the feature this Spring via a major driver update. Apparently, we will start hearing more about the Fidelity FX supersampling tech this March.

Reliable industry insider Red Gaming Tech claims that AMD's Super Resolution has pretty decent performance but the image quality may not be as good as Nvidia DLSS tech. So basically, it seems that AMD will be able to deliver the frame-rates but the visual fidelity could suffer, which is still a decent result given that this will be AMD's first try in supersampling. 

he next iteration will certainly bring better results and don't forget that Nvidia's first iteration of DLSS was quite underwhelming.

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