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Aliens are coming to Fallout 76

Published: 00:32, 23 February 2022
Fallout 76, Season 3 cosmetics
Fallout 76, Season 3 cosmetics

Bethesda announced the 2022 roadmap for Fallout 76 and the first content drop has to do with little green men that like probing.

Fallout 76 is filled to the brim with kooky creatures and Bethesda is looking to spice it up even further, by adding aliens. That said, aliens have been present in Fallout games for a long time so their appearance wasn't exactly out of the blue. After all, Mothership Zeta was all about escaping them after you get abducted.

Anyway, their arrival was heralded by the new roadmap that was posted on the official site but it also shows what else the players can expect for the rest of the year.

Fallout 76 roadmap for 2022 was split by the four seasons:

  • Spring (Alien-themed)
    • New public events
    • Public event takeovers
    • New random encounters
    • Fallout Worlds update
    • Season 8 - A Better Life Underground
  • Summer (Robotics? theme)
    • New public events
    • Fallout 1st scoreboard upgrades
    • Season 9
  • Fall (Visiting the Pitt)
    • Expeditions: The Pitt
    • Missions
    • New rewards
    • Season 10
  • Winter (Nuka World theme)
    • New public events
    • Region boss public event
    • Season 11

Those who played Fallout 3 probably figured out that aliens aren't the only throwback here. The Pitt was another DLC we had a chance to go through, more than a decade ago, and we got to visit the ruins of Pittsburgh, now controlled by the slaving raiders.

Fallout 76: Wastelanders

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

It's highly likely raiders and troglodytes will be the main enemies during the Fall content but Bethesda hasn't officially announced the details yet.

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