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Albion's Season 14 brings changes to guild warfare

Published: 03:23, 10 November 2021
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Albion Online - Mistwolf Direwolf skin in-game
Albion Online

Season 14 starts November 27, bringing sweeping changes to guild warfare in Albion. This season is all about giving the smaller guilds a fighting chance against their larger conterparts.

The Lands Awakened update goes live on November 24, bringing revamped open-world visuals and gameplay, the new War Gloves weapon line, Elite Levels for weapon mastery, numerous quality-of-life improvements, and more.

Alongside these changes, the update also ushers in a new era of guild warfare, with a completely new Guild Season structure that offers countless ways for resourceful players of all types to make seasonal progress and earn rewards, even those not affiliated with a guild. Traditional guild activities such as territory control and ZvZs will still provide a path to success, but individual players – and their guilds in turn – will also benefit from playing other smaller-scale activities.

To make Guild Seasons more about player activity and less about territory control and passive income, this season introduces the Conquerors' Challenge. This dynamic, season-long system for tracking progress opens Albion's higher-level activities to guild members and non-guild-affiliated players alike and introduces two new reward systems, Might, and Favor.

Sandbox Interactive One of the available HQ options in Albion Online Albion Online - New guild headquarters

The Conqueror's Challenge offers players the freedom to earn Season Rewards in countless different ways, with a wide range of activities contributing to progress. Ultimately, any player willing to put in the work during a season will have a chance to unlock some of the most valuable and powerful rewards in the game.

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