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Albion Online Season 15 Patch Upgrades Randomized Dungeons

Published: 02:52, 03 March 2022
SandBox Interactive
Albion Online - Druid
Albion Online - Druid

Season 15 of Albion Online has begun, and with it, we have our first changes to the game, brought to us by the season's first patch. Hopefully, this season will be as successful as the last one.

Randomized Dungeons in Albion Online, are locations full of valuable treasure and dangerous enemies, with adequate rewards based on their difficulty. These dungeons can be found all throughout the world in zones of Tier 4 and above. However, they aren't visible on the map and don't stay in the same place. Additionally, their challenges and rewards match the tier of the zone they are found in.

Now, following the change the Lands Awakened update brought to the Static Dungeons, and seeing the positive feedback from the player base, developers are instating similar changes to the Randomized Dungeons as well.

The upgrading system, which is the changes in question, will apply to all Randomized Dungeons in the game. To help players, the upgraded dungeons will have markers around the entrances to give players a heads up, that they can not rely on past experiences to clear them.

Sandbox Interactive Albion Online PvP battle Albion Online PvP battle

The Season 15 Patch is also the start of the Controller Support Beta. Over the coming months,  players will be able to use Xbox controllers, Playstation Dualshock, and other PC-compatible controllers with the game.

Additionally, the Steam players will be able to use the Steam Deck. All of this is in the name of optimizing the controller support with player feedback.

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