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Albion Online Lands Awakened update brings changes to guild warfare

Published: 02:43, 04 November 2021
Sandbox Interactive
Albion Online official mobile release
Lands Awakened is Albion Online's biggest update since the mobile launch

Lands Awakened sees a complete re-envisioning of both open-world PvE and PvP in Albion Online, offering a huge range of activities for all player types,individual or guild players.

Lands Awakened will bring numerous new open-world PvP objectives to Albion, which will reward exploration, spontaneity, and boldness.

This update, most importantly, also opens up new dimensions in guild warfare and open-world PvP. Dynamically spawning treasure sites offer intrepid solo players and groups a chance at lucrative rewards and encourage spontaneous, small-scale clashes.

Power Cores and Energy Crystals, two new open-world objectives, encourage strategic capture-the-flag style gameplay with huge rewards for those able to successfully deliver these items to a Hideout or Territory, and Headquarters Hideouts with massively increased defense offer dedicated guilds a more permanent home in Albion's most hostile lands.

Guild Seasons have also been reworked with new Might, Favor, and Conqueror's Challenge systems that give each guild member the ability to contribute to their guild's seasonal progress while earning valuable seasonal rewards for themselves.

Sandbox Interactive Albion Online PvP battle Albion Online PvP battle

As far as the Quality of life improvements are concerned, player-created Loadouts can now be purchased directly from the Marketplace, while Farming optimizations let players tend crops and animals with fewer clicks.

Rerolling items are newly streamlined, crafting and refining fees are clearer, and new party commands offer faster and easier party management. Alongside these changes, a host of additional improvements, fixes, balance changes, and optimizations make the world of Albion better than ever.


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