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Albion Online is introducing controller support to the game

Published: 06:28, 27 February 2022
Sandbox Interactive
Albion Online is officially cross-gen
Albion Online is officially cross-gen

Usually, large MMO titles keep themselves locked to one platform only, that being the PC. Not Albion Online though, as they are constantly pushing the boundaries.

Albion Online's mobile release was a success not many anticipated, one which brought new players to the game, as well as having older players' playtime increase exponentially.

Now, Sandbox Interactive have announced that they're introducing controller support in anticipation of expanding the game to new platforms. Starting on  March 2, you'll be able to play Albion Online with a wide range of standard PC and console controllers, as well as via the newly launched Steam Deck, the developers say.

They go on to explain, in their recent address to the community, that this is the next step toward their goal of bringing Albion Online to as many players and platforms as possible, and they plan to continue optimizing this feature in anticipation of a full controller support release. Once testing begins, compatible controllers will be usable on all desktop versions of the game and can be activated during this first phase via chat commands.

Sandbox Interactive Albion Online official mobile release Albion Online - Mobile Launch was unprecedented

To show their dedication to this new development path Albion Online is taking, they will be establishing a subforum for this express purpose, to interact with players as much as possible and gain the necessary feedback to adjust the game to players' preferences.

As 2021 was the best year for Albion Online ever, we hope that this new path will open up new opportunities for the game, and have 2022 surpass even last year in tams of Albion Online's success.

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