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Albion Online introduces the Grim Challenge during Halloween

Published: 01:23, 03 November 2021
Sandbox Interactive
It almost feels as if we are in Sherwood
These woods will soon take on the hue of darkness and horror

When trick or treating in Albion Online, the risk you place on yourself is far greater, but the rewards you reap are as well. This time, the reward is a scary lizard mount.

Allhallows is in full swing, and the Grim Challenge is back! For the entire month of November, earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Pest Lizard.

This month's Challenge offers another chance to claim the popular Pest Lizard. This sleek, slithery mount comes with a Toxic Cloud ability that causes enemies who touch it to become temporarily disoriented.

Adventurers who rack up enough total Challenge Points will also earn the Grim Challenge avatar ring, featuring a spooky skull-topped iron frame. This non-tradable item permanently unlocks this avatar border for one character or can be traded to the Vanity Merchant for one Adventurer's Token.

All month long, reach weekly point totals to unlock Grim Challenge Chests. Along with valuable rewards like Adventurer's Tomes, Silver, resources, and other loot, you'll also have a chance to unlock four furniture items: the Empty Coffin, Grim Gravestone, Grim Lantern, and Weeping Woman Statue.

Sandbox Interactive Albion Online - New Desert Biome Albion Online -The Pest Lizard should align thematically with the new desert biome

As always, you can earn Challenge Points by gathering, fishing, farming, and killing monsters. Points count simultaneously toward a daily bonus, a weekly unlockable chest, and the monthly mount and avatar ring reward. So log in, head out into the open world, gather points, and claim these rewards while they last!

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