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Albion Online Into The Fray Portal Improvements

Published: 06:20, 28 May 2022
Sandbox Interactive
Albion Online is officially cross-gen
Albion Online is officially cross-gen

Accessibility to high-level content is one of the cornerstones of the upcoming Into the Fray update, both in terms of the open-world experience and Albion’s 5v5 play.

In the most recent Dev Talk, developers take an in-depth look at some of the ways this will be addressed, with new Portal Towns, a Journey Back ability, new Arena and Crystal League modes, and more.

Portal towns will replace the existing Outlands portal regions, with each Royal City having a corresponding Portal Town in the Outlands.

Each Portal Town shares a Bank and Marketplace with its corresponding Royal City, allowing Outlands-based players a more convenient access point for these.

Additionally, each Portal Town features a number of exits into the Outlands, while Invisibility Shrines are now more prominent, and their Invisibility effect lasts longer.

SandBox Interactive Albion Online - Lands Awakened Albion Online

The new, Journey Back ability, is designed to encourage players to venture deeper into the open world. Journey Back is an ability on all mounts except for battle mounts. It Transports the player to their last-visited City or Hideout, after a medium-length channel. Using this ability costs a Silver fee, determined by the distance traveled and the value of goods and equipment carried.

It cannot be used in the following cases:

  • After trading with another player
  • After taking items from a Bank or player-placed chest
  • When returning from a trade mission
  • When positioned within a large group of players
  • When subject to the Disarray or Outlaw penalties.
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