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Albion Online Dev Talk brings quality of life changes to Lands Awakened

Published: 06:25, 09 December 2021
Sandbox Interactive
The Energy Surge Season surges with rewards as well
The Energy Surge Season surges with rewards as well

If Albion Online's mobile launch can be summarized, it would be quality of life, as it was launched to help players with their in-game "chores". Now, doing those chores will get even easier and more streamlined.

Farming is an essential part of Albion's economy, but on a large scale can take a long time and lots of clicks. Alongside small improvements, such as simplifying animal placement and moving T2 hide animals, the number of clicks farming takes has been greatly reduced:

  • All farming actions can now be performed by shift-clicking (double-tapping on mobile),
  • Steps are unchanged, but opening the farming interface is not required, reducing clicks/taps greatly,
  • Shift-click actions include a distinct icon above the crop or animal.

With regards to farming, the user interface has some new changes as well:

  • Animals with growth and production stages now have a “Take all” option,
  • Can be toggled to pick up the animal and its product or offspring,
  • Can be set persistently based on the animal.

Sandbox Interactive One of the available HQ options in Albion Online These HQ options in Albion Online are bringing more than just a cosmetic change

Lands Awakened also brings updated party chat commands for better feedback and easier party formation:

  • In addition to using /invite to invite a player, a new /join command sends a request to join another party,
  • Both /invite and /join now work for entire parties,
  • All solo and group invite and join requests can be expanded to show player details.

In your Social settings, you can now clearly define who can invite you to their group or request to join yours. Additionally, you can always use the /snooze chat command to temporarily suppress all party invitations.

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