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Albion Online Crystal League Championship starts on February 26

Published: 10:02, 22 February 2022
Sandbox Interactive
Season 13 Crystal League Championship is coming
Albion Online - Crystal League

As season 14 of Albion Online is coming to an end, devs are gracing us with the final Crystal League Championship for the season, on February 26. Hopefully we'll make use of this final opportunity.

Albion Online's final Crystal League Championship for season 14 will take place on February 26-27. Among the numerous rewards, players will be competing for the ultra-rare Sabertooth Rex Swiftclaw skin.

The tournament will be open to the top 8 Crystal League teams of the season, based on the following:

  • Number of Level 9 wins,
  • Number of Level 8 wins,
  • Number of Level 7 wins.

Tournament participants must use the same team and characters that qualified during the season, and one player cannot qualify with multiple teams, while each team must allocate at least one substitute.

Before Guild season 15 starts on March 5, with a new and updated Crystal League map, this will be the final chance to watch the Championship on the old map, via AlbionTV.

The new map will make it harder for teams to hold three orbs, which will offer increased comeback potential for more exciting matches.

Sandbox Interactive Crystal League Championship match Crystal League Championship match

Furthermore, respawn timers have been balanced more, with early-game timers being longer to make early deaths more punishing, and late-game timers shortened to make the death more forgiving.

On the side of rewards, this will be the final Crystal League Championship with the old rewards, as they are being updated as well in season 15, with larger Fame boosts and massively increased Silver rewards.

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