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Alan Wake developer tease "new, exciting early-phase" project

Published: 14:36, 13 May 2021
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Alan Wake

Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment have confirmed that they are working on a brand new, exciting project, which is currently in early development.

During their latest financial report, Remedy Entertainment, the developer of Alan Wake, Control and Quantum Break have revealed a couple of new details about their upcoming projects CrossfireX, and two other, unannounced projects.

One of these projects is an AAA game developed in partnership with Epic Games and according to Remedy, it's soon moving into full production. Earlier this month, reliable and trusted industry insider Jeff Grubb revealed that Remedy are working on Alan Wake 2 with Epic Games.

 "I've heard that Remedy will be making Alan Wake 2 with Epic [Games]. It should be a follow up to the series that fans want. There was a bidding war and Epic had the best publishing deal and it seems like Alan Wake 2 is coming," Grubb stated in his  Game Mess Show on Twitch  (11:45). 

It seems that this is indeed the unannounced project, which Remedy talked about during their financial report. "Remedy’s AAA game project with Epic Games is soon moving into full production," they said about the game. 

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Now, the question is, when exactly Remedy and Epic plan to reveal the game? This year's E3 may come a bit soon since the game is yet to enter full production so perhaps The Game Awards show later this year seems like a more realistic event for such a reveal. 

At the moment, there are no official details and this is just speculation so take it with a grain of salt.

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