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AI "Battle Royale" for Civilization VI

Published: 15:09, 14 October 2016
Updated: 13:41, 09 February 2017
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2K and Firaxis Games announce AI-only Civilization VI will be streamed on Twitch

Here's an announcement Civ fans will love. 2k and Firaxis Games are to host an AI-only game of Civilization VI streamed live on their channel on October 19 starting at 8:30pm BST. 

Eight AI civs will be pitched in against one another, with the added bonus of live commentary from the game's developers. And you just know they're going to be backing their own favourite civs to victory - whatever shape that victory comes in.

It's an interesting idea from an AI point of view: Civilization VI has deeper AI than previous games in the series, and the leaders have their own agendas and rules to play by.

The eight civs are: The Aztecs, Brazil, England, Greece (under newly announced alternate leader Gorgo), Japan, Rome, Russia and Spain.

At AltChar, we're thinking the final winner will be a religious or cultural civ, not a simply aggressive one. However, once the civs are thrown in the ring - anything could happen.

For more information, check out 2K’s official Civilization blog: 

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