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Scotland to join Civilization VI Rise & Fall as a science based civ with strong bonuses

Published: 17:01, 24 January 2018
Updated: 21:37, 24 January 2018
Civilization VI Scotland The Golf Course Unique Building
Civilization VI - Scotland's Unique Building The Golf Course

Civilization VI continues its roll out of new civs and leaders with Scotland joining the pack, lead by Robert the Bruce. It's a strongly science-based civ that also enjoys production and culture bonuses. Perhaps most intriguing is the War of Liberation option in Casus Belli that it has. Freedom!

Well jings crivens and help ma boab - Scotland has become the latest civ to join Civilization VI with Robert the Bruce as its leader.

Any new civ will be controversial to some players. Another European nation joining the roster might disappoint those hoping for something more esoteric such an African or South American civ. However, Scotland will be a popular choice of civ to play in the actual game we feel.

2k Civilization VI Scotland The Highlander Unique Unit Civilization VI - Scotland's unique unit The Highlander

First off, there's Scotland's National Ability, Scottish Enlightenment. There's no disputing Scotland has been a major force in driving European scientific and technical advancement so this is entirely appropriate. So, Happy cities get an additional 5% science and production, 10% if the city is Ecstatic (no mechanic for boosting this with whisky consumption sadly). Such cities also get +1 great scientist points and great engineer points (+2 if ecstatic) from campuses and industrial zones respectively. Play smart and you'll be popping Great Scientists even in the early game.

We're pleased to see the Highlander as Scotland's Unique Unit. The Highlander receives a combat bonus when fighting in hills and woods and replaces the Ranger. We're not convinced of the utility of the Ranger unit as it often arrives too late in the game to be of much use. However, the Rise & Fall DLC may bring some differences to this.

2k Civilization VI Scotland The Golf Course Unique Building Civilization VI - Scotland's Unique Building The Golf Course

Most controversially, Scotland's Unique Improvement is the Golf Course. Yes, the golf course. Scotland is indeed the home of golf and boasts many fine courses - one owned by a certain Donald Trump. However, in modern Scotland there's often local opposition to the vast tracts of land they use up and the social elitism they often follow. Still, everyone likes golf don't they? Don't they? In the world of Civilization VI Scotland's Golf Courses provides +1 amenity and also gold. They also provide culture if adjacent to city centres and entertainment complexes.

Robert the Bruce is an excellent choice as a leader, avoiding Mel Gibson entirely. The Bruce's interesting leader ability is Bannockburn, after the famous battle where he routed the English forces using superior guile and tactics. After researching the Defensive Tactics Civic, Scotland can declare a War of Liberation from the Casus Belli options, receiving +100% Production and +2 movement for the first 10 turns after declaring such a War of Liberation. It's basically the reverse to the mechanic Australia enjoys.

If you're playing against Scotland as an AI, its Leader Agenda is Flower of Scotland - named after the famous anthem, which is also about Bannockburn. Scotland will never attack neighbouring civs, and likes civilizations that are not at war with them. Robert the Bruce also gets pretty upset when anyone attacks his neighbours. And let us tell you, it's never difficult to tell the difference between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine. The Bruce even kicks over a chair in his ingame "angry" animation.

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