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Mapuche join Civilization VI adding a long awaited new South American Civ to play

Published: 16:50, 30 January 2018
Updated: 16:51, 30 January 2018
Malon Raiders made rapid raids on Spanish troops
Civilization VI - Mapuche unique unit Malon Raider

Continuing the theme of those who fought back against the powerful after Scotland got Robert the Bruce as leader, Lautaro leads the Mapuche, who valiantly resisted the Spanish Conquistadors and who retain their identity as a people to this day.

South American indigenous civilization the Mapuche have been announced as the latest to join Civilization VI when the Rise & Fall expansion launches on February 8th.

Adding a little more geographical depth to Civilization VI is most welcome - and will no doubt serve to educate many players on the actual existence of the Mapuche, as well as their unique history.

2k Malon Raiders made rapid raids on Spanish troops Civilization VI - Mapuche unique unit Malon Raider

Led by Lautaro, a warrior chief who from an early age led his people against the Spanish interlopers flooding in from Peru, he was probably defeated more by typhus than force of arms.

What's most interesting about the Mapuche in terms of playing them is the slot they occupy in the game, and how the new Loyalty mechanic will serve them well, as well as the both the new Governor and Age system.

2k Mapuche made sacred chemamull sites in memory of ancestors Civilization VI - Mapuche Unique Improvment the Chemamull

Firstly, there's the Unique Civilization Ability, called Toqui. Units trained in a city with an established governor get additional experience in combat. All fine and dandy. But Mapuche units also get a combat bonus against civilizations which are in a Golden or Heroic age. Yeah, the Mapuche are already looking like party-poopers. Incidentally, toqui was a title given to a leader in times of conflict, and translates as "axe bearer".

Add to this the Unique Unit, the Malon Raider. A cavalry unit that receives +5 to combat strength when within four tiles of home territory. It also uses fewer movement points to pillage enemy territory. So, this is a defensive unit that can successfully raid. Combine this with Lautaro's Unique Leader Ability - Swift Hawk, which means when the Mapuche kill an enemy unit within the borders of an enemy city, that city loses loyalty to its owner, and the Mapuche promise an interesting playstyle. Almost set up as giant killers, don't you think?

Finally, we have the Mapuche Unique Infrastruture in the Chemamull, an improvement based on the great wooden tombstones they erected to remember their dead. The Chemamull provides a good culture bonus (and later tourism) based on tile appeal.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we seem - at least on paper - to have our first civ from Rise & Fall with a specific insurgent agenda, and the ability to back it up. This is good news indeed.

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