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Run for your lives - Zulu are in the Civilization VI Rise & Fall DLC and they aren't nice

Published: 20:02, 06 February 2018
Updated: 20:24, 06 February 2018
Zulu warrior chief
Civilization VI Rise & Fall Leader Shaka

For the last of the "new" civs joining the Civilization VI Rise & Fall expansion, we have our traditional favourite aggressors the Zulus, led once again by that bloodthirsty old warrior Shaka. With many new civs having quite complex bonuses, it's actually nice to see a straight-up rowdy civ in the expanded roster.

For the last of the civs being added prior to the release of the Rise & Fall DLC later this week, Civilization VI is bringing us the Zulu. Or rather bringing many of us back the Zulu - because, let's face it, what veteran Civilization player hasn't had a hard time at least once with the warlike Africans?

2k African warriors with shields and assegai Civilization VI Rise & Fall Zulu Impi

Well the new news is the old news, because the Zulu - led once again by Shaka - are shaping up to be at the head of the pack when it comes to Domination type victories, and here's why:

Starting out the with the Zulu National Ability - Isibongo. If you conquer a city with a unit, Isibongo will upgrade that unit into a corps or an army. If you haven't seen the effect a corps or an army has as opposed to an individual unit, you might be about to in Rise & Fall. I'm already thinking about it terms of being on the wrong end of an assegai. In addition, Zulu cities with a Garrisoned unit gain extra loyalty. A useful secondary bonus for the new mechanic.

The Impi is also back in Rise & Fall. This is a unique medieval era unit replacing the Pikeman. Cheaper than the Pikeman to build, with a much lower maintenance cost, the Impi also earns experience more quickly. Finally, and representing the favoured combat tactic of the Zulu, the Impi enjoys additional flanking bonuses.

As Unique Infrastructure, the Zulu get the Ikanda. Sticking with the theme of battering your neighbours into submission, this replaces the encampment. Once the Civic or Tech advance is gained, Corps and Armies can be built or purchased outright using the Ikanda without the need to construct a Military Academy. They are also trained faster. The Ikanda also gives a +1 to Housing.

2k Fortified African homestead Civilization VI Rise & Fall Ikanda Zulu Unique District

Shaka himself (as well seemingly spending time down the gym with Gilgamesh, see image above) merely adds misery to mayhem with his Unique Leader Ability Amabutho. The Zulu can form Corps and Armies once they've gained the Mercenaries and Nationalism civics, which, of course, is quite a while before everyone else. In addition, a bonus +5 base combat strength is provided to both corps and armies.

As you'd expect, the Zulu do have some great music to go with them too - although the only music you'll need if you play as them are the lamentations of your broken foes.

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