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Improvements to Civilization VI Rise & Fall are already on the way

Published: 21:39, 05 March 2018
Updated: 22:25, 05 March 2018
Civilization VI - Queen Wilhelmina

Fireaxis are moving quickly on improvements to the Civilization VI Rise and Fall expansion. The options to place Polders as the Netherlands will increase, city states will be harder for the AI to take - and much, much more.

Civilization VI Lead Designer Ed Beach is a man we approve of at Altchar. He clearly loves the game and really enjoys playing it - as well as talking about it. So it's maybe not so surprising that he has already released a brief   detailing the changes and improvements to the Rise & Fall expansion that are already on the way.

First off, Polders. Yes, Polders. They sounded great when explained before Rise & Fall went live. However, it seems that the nerf bat took a swing at them sometime before the expansion was released. In the end, they ended up being hard to place and utterly inferior to, for example, Indonesia's Kampung in utilising coastal tiles. The primary issue is that Polders must currently be built on coast or lake tiles with at least three adjacent flat land tiles. No hills. Yet, while the Netherlands in reality is as flat as a stroopwafel, this reality is rarely reflected in the game's geography.

2k Mongol Hordes equip themselves with horses Civilization VI - Mongols discover horseback riding

That's being fixed - hill tiles are now acceptable. Which will go some considerable way to increasing the viability of rolling as the "Oranje".

Then we're going to get a scrollable timeline at the end of games. Essentially, the timeline you see during gameplay will be available upon victory or defeat, so you can relive those memorable moments when you showed your mastery of strategy and information - or were as much use as a blind donkey pulling a war cart. Plus we're getting flags in the tech tree so you can see what an ally is researching.

2k Keeping far flung cities loyal is a challenge in Rise & Fall Civilization VI Rise & Fall - The Loyalty lens is a useful tool.

City States will no longer be falling more frequently than bowling pins in The Big Lebowski either. They are getting a production boost to enable them to build walls - and an increase in their defensive strength right from the get-go.

Ed Beach also showed some expanded tooltips that will make the Loyalty system and pressures at play on a city a little easier to understand, as well as announcing some as yet unspecified changes that will make the Entertainment Complex a more viable choice versus the currently all-conquering Waterpark. Great. We've never liked swimming.

Firaxis Games Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Firaxis Games Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

The developers will also be closing some "loopholes" in the warmonger system. We think this will cover situations after you agree to respond to an Emergency. Currently it's the case that you can wipe an offending Civ out even after you've fulfilled the "win" conditions of said Emergency and suffer not one jot of Warmonger penalties. Clearly a design flaw. Also capped will be the experience combat units can earn from fighting Free Cities. Which is fair.

So, in summary, we think this is all sensible stuff - and Rise & Fall players are also promised other bug fixes and improvements. No date has been given for a release yet though.



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