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Active Shooter's developer completely removed from Steam

Published: 08:12, 30 May 2018
Revived Games
Player is aiming down a rifle's sights down a hall in some school
Active Shooter

All games by studio Revived Games have been pulled from Steam's virtual shelves after mass controversy during the past week. The developer obviously claimed it's just a SWAT simulator, but all the evidence so far points to the contrary.

Steam removed every game affiliated with the developer Revived Games, including the controversial Active Shooter which was scheduled for release next week on Steam. The game was originally a SWAT simulation where the players would attempt to stop an active shooter in a school setting.

It all started somewhat innocent, but Revived Games then introduced a rather insensitive spin to the game by adding the possibility to play as the active shooter instead. This prompted many groups, including Infer Trust to pressure Valve into removing the game from Steam. Valve were reluctant at first, but as of 29 May 2018 there are no games by Games Revived on Steam.

This may look like an extreme move by Valve, since they could remove only Active Shooter from the store but the facts state that Lord Gaben's company may have been correct in doing so. As we stated in the , it was rather shady that publisher or developer site couldn't be found anywhere and not even a single trailer for the game could be seen anywhere. What makes it even worse is that the game was due for release on 06 June 2018 and no promotional material was released. Well, other than the controversy everyone is writing about.

A little bit of digging provided some information about Revived Games, which is a one man developer. The person in question is  and his game was to be published by the Russian publisher . Berdyev didn't get booted from Steam only because of Active Shooter, as a Valve rep  this person has a "history of customer abuse, publishing copyrighted material and review manipulation" and has operated under different "developer" aliases before such as [bc]Interactive and Elusive Team.

Revived Games Screenshot from a controversial high school shooting game Active Shooter Active Shooter

The rep further explained Berdyev's "troll" nature since he previously developed other controversial games such as White Power: Pure Voltage and Tyde Pod Challenge. Valve accidentally found out that Revived Games was actually Berdyev when they started investigating Active Shooter.

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