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A Total War Saga: Troy shows off large scale infantry battles

Published: 17:18, 04 June 2020
Troy as depicted in A Total War Saga: Troy
A Total War Saga: Troy

As promised in yesterday's teaser, Creative Assembly rolled out the gameplay reveal trailer for A Total War Saga:Troy, the franchise's take on the ancient city of legend.

Seasoned players should feel right at home in A Total War Saga: Troy, as the trademark underlying mechanics are there. Where the game stands out from the rest are units and unit synergies, which stem from the technology and weaponry of the Bronze Era. 

Creative Assembly ensured greater distinction between light, medium and heavy infantry, so as to promote a greater dynamic interplay. The only mounted units at the time were chariots, but infantry made for the majority of fighting.

The dev wanted  A Total War Saga: Troy to reflect the long and bloody final battle between Achilles and Hector, and you can already forget about brute-forcing your way through the game.

Achilles' armies have superior mobility and guerilla warfare skills, which means you'll have to work hard to tip the odds in on your favour. 

Hector's troops are well equipped, but it comes at the expense of speed and response time -  better equipment means little when you're late to the war. A Total War Saga: Troy even added a Minotaur among Hector's ranks, and it's likely to cause, or save you a headache or two. 

A Total War Saga: Troy lets you end the dispute the honourable way once, as they'll be able to challenge the opponent to a duel when their units meet in the field.

A Total War Saga: Troy's trailer is actually a pretty good introduction for newer players as it demonstrates the tried-and-true anvil and the hammer. Stopping the enemy in their tracks with heavy units (anvil) and then smashing into their backs with more mobile ones (hammer) is as popular today as it was then. 

Not only is it still used - it's incredibly satisfying. A Total War Saga: Troy will be free for players who download it in the first 24 hours after it launches on June 13, 2020, via Epic Games Store.

A Total War Saga: Troy by Creative Assembly and Sega

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
A Total War Saga: Troy

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