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A Total War Saga: Troy hotfix fixes UI scaling issues

Published: 17:15, 15 September 2020
A Total War Saga: Troy landscape
A Total War Saga: Troy

It's been less than a week since the last A Total War Saga: Troy update, but Creative Assembly today rolled out a hotfix for UI scaling issues at certain resolutions.

We're talking about resolutions above 1440p, which made A Total War Saga: Troy's user interface too small. Seasoned Total War veterans could still find their way around, but newer players, like the ones who got it for free from Epic, had to do too much squinting altogether. 

A Total War Saga: Troy's earlier update limited the scaling to 150 per cent at 1440p, but going above that resolution turned out problematic. Some players resorted to meddling with preference files, most without any success, so Creative Assembly's reaction is certainly appreciated. 

If your Epic Games Store launcher is on, you'll have downloaded it already, since it's a hotfix rather than a regular A Total War Saga: Troy update. 

It looks like it will be a busy day in the office for Creative Assembly, as A Total War Saga: Troy should be getting a new DLC pack in September too. We're talking about the Amazons DLC, of course, although the exact date is yet to be revealed. 

The DLC will add to new heroes and CA couldn't have picked more iconic characters - warrior queen Penthesilea and her sister Hippolyta. You may recognise the latter's name from her DC version in Wonder Woman. 

Sega A Total War Saga: Troy, view of Troy A Total War Saga: Troy, life in the city!

Amazons DLC should shake things up significantly, especially since it will add fast and manoeuvrable cavalry units to A Total War Saga: Troy. Much like the game was free for a limited time after launch, the Amazons DLC pack will be free for players who link their Total War Access and Epic accounts on the official website .

A Total War Saga: Troy by Creative Assembly and Sega

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A Total War Saga: Troy

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