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4A Games deny's an employee's claim, Metro will always be on PC

Published: 23:19, 03 February 2019
Deep Silver
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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus' problems around the switch to Epic Store took their toll on people in 4A Games as well, as one of them stated further Metro games wouldn't come to PC should Exodus be boycotted. 4A Games now officially denied that statement.

Metro Exodus has unfortunately been a subject of a major controversy, due to Deep Silver switching the digital retailer in the last moment. Fans have been mostly blaming the publisher, but at least one employee in 4A Games took the matter close to heart, as they thought gamers were simply refusing to install a different launcher.

That statement does not reflect 4A Games' stance, as the company on 03 February 2019, saying that the employee's statements reflect the views of neither the developer nor Deep Silver. They further distanced themselves from the statement by saying that it does "reflect the hurt and disappointment of a passionate individual".

4A Games also distanced themselves from the decision to switch from Steam to Epic Store, as they stated it was made exclusively by Koch Media / Deep Silver. The developers asked the fans to direct "all valid feedback over this decision" to Koch Media / Deep Silver, essentially asking players not to blame the developers for a business decision they had no control over.

As we stated in the previous article about the same controversy, platform exclusives and pulling a last minute switch to a platform with fewer features, but a better price cut is absolutely anti-consumer. The could possibly make 4A Games a target for disgruntled gamers, but their latest statement should clear things up - PC gaming community has an issue with Deep Silver, not 4A Games. It is very well described in this .

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Bottom line is that Metro Exodus is shaping up to be another great entry in the Metro series, but its qualities are unfortunately being overlooked due to Deep Silver's anti-consumer practices. 4A Games still that the PC version of Metro games will always be "at the heart of [their] plans". 


Metro Exodus, screenshots fresh from 4A Games' oven

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