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PS4 4.50 firmware update might release today

Published: 09:55, 07 March 2017
PS4 joystick with a "boost mode" title written above.
Boost mode

Sony might have accidentally announced the official launch date of the new PS4 system software update

It looks like the 4.50 PS4 system software update might release today, according to a post on . A user named Finch-Tech emailed Sony about a technical issue he was experiencing, and their reply was: "With the release of System Software 4.50 tomorrow, there will be a patch to version 2.40 of the PS VR firmware." The post was submitted 20 hours at the time of writing - meaning the update should be released today.

Sony PS4 joystick with a boost mode title written above. Boost mode

We can see the logic behind releasing the update today, as the 4.50 beta has been in effect for a month now, so the timing seems right. The will introduce a number of PS4 improvements, such as external HDD support, and the very promising if you're an owner of the PS4 Pro.

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