Seven reasons why you should try Outriders

Published: 14:33, 03 March 2021
Updated: 08:51, 05 April 2021
People Can Fly

Outriders is about a month away from release but the demo itself along with the devs' statement thus far gave us plenty of reasons to look forward to the full release.

People Can Fly are entering the looter shooter genre which may be somewhat saturated but they pulled several good moves in making Outriders that may just win the fans over. These are the seven main reasons we believe players will love Outriders.

Outriders is not a live service

Live service games are marketed as a way of continuing our favourite titles at a constant rate but what we get in reality is watered down content with a ton of recycling. People Can Fly were tempted to go down this road but ultimately decided to ditch the live service aspects and focus on creating a complete game instead.

This also means microtransactions are unlikely to become a thing and had it not been for the stunts we've seen in Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Ubisoft's "time savers", we wouldn't really have any doubt about it.

It's a looter shooter with an actual story and voiced protagonist

Destiny and The Division series are some of the most prominent looter shooters on the market and they are also the biggest offenders when it comes to putting storytelling in the background or ditching it almost completely. One has an almost mute protagonist while the other has agents that never even speak.

Outriders seems to be attempting to beat all of these behemoths in the storytelling and character immersion since the game introduces you to the story from the get-go and gives you a clear vision of what's going on and why you are fighting your enemies. 

Borderlands, the series that kicked off the looter shooter craze, tends to have compelling stories but the Vault Hunters don't speak much, which can lead to a disconnect between the player and the character.

PFC created an ecosystem where we get to make our own character, hear them speak, see them interact with the world and attempt to save the last remnants of humanity in a story with the context that is clearly presented to us, not hidden behind minimum viable product crutches like codex entries and audio logs. 

Yes, Outriders has entries that you can collect and read in order to expand your knowledge of the lore but the game shows and lets you interact with enough of the story to get properly immersed.

People Can Fly Outriders - Migraine was the first Legendary drop during this farming session Weapons have lore entries for example. The mission stories will let you experience context to properly understand what you are doing and obfuscate the grind for gear

Outriders does not water content down to qualify for the widest demographic possible

Many developers dilute the content of their games in order to get ratings that will allow the publishers to sell to an audience as wide as possible. Speaking plainly, this means being able to sell to children as young as possible and mostly refers to removing blood, gore and foul language from a game. 

As a result, if the same game attempts to have a serious tone, you get a disconnect between the vision and execution that will always rub you the wrong way.

All of this goes out the window with Outriders. The developers wanted to show us a desperate state of humanity where we are on the brink of extinction, fighting each other for scraps in a merciless war and both sides living in a horror show.

So yes, when you strike an enemy with the overwhelming force of your powers and weapons, they will get dismembered, blood will fly and the horrors of the war are on display just as you begin the game. 

This will constrict the market size for Outriders and devs have had to be aware of the consequence but they still chose not to compromise their vision. Even the swearing is well-utilised as it emphasises moments of shock and complements dark humour well at times.

Action is quick and hugging the cover is minimal in Outriders

One of the main complaints people have had about Outriders so far is the cover system that isn't as advanced as the one in The Division series. While this game has cover mechanics, it is not a cover shooter. 

You will be jumping into a bunch of enemies and bringing an end to them with a combination of powers and weapons in a grand display of fast-paced combat. The video below showcases that approach to battling the enemy and keep in mind that this was captured during the demo, where we could unlock only half the skills and almost none of the passive talents. 

Our arsenal of weapons and power is bound to grow with the full version of the game, offering even more variety.

Outriders will have crossplay from Day 1

Considering this can be a co-op shooter, one has to worry about the player base on their platform shrivelling over time. This will not be the case with Outriders since we will all be a part of one huge player base due to cross-play. It encompasses PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia. 

Crossplay usually carries a huge burden due to different settings between PC and consoles but it will not be a problem here due to the next reason why you should try the game out.

Outriders has co-op multiplayer but not PvP

PvP modes in shooter games carry different advantages based on your platform. For consoles, it is the gratuitous amount of aim assistance while PC players get the FOV slider that allows them to have more peripheral vision and better awareness. This is one of the problems that irritate PvP players in shooter games since both can feel the obvious advantage the other side has in certain situations.

Furthermore, having to balance the game for both PvE and PvP always brought negative sentiments for both Destiny and The Division series. There is a perpetual state of classes and weapons being underpowered in PvE or overpowered in PvP and it's never a perfect balance between the two. It's extremely easy to mess up when tipping the scale in either direction is wrong.

Outriders will not suffer any of these major issues because it has no PvP. Normally, we would count the lack of a game mode, feature or a combination of both as a flaw but since its absence will solve so many significant issues in one fell swoop, one has to admit it's a good design decision by the developers.

People Can Fly Outriders Everyone is on the same team in Outriders

Outriders has a free demo and no expiration date on it

Modern games usually don't allow players to familiarise themselves with the content before making a purchase as much as Outriders does. This game offers you a true taste of what you can expect in the full release and you can download it for free. Even if you don't end up buying Outriders, the demo itself is an experience that warrants the time investment. 

It doesn't even have to be removed from the full game. All the progress you attain while testing out different classes and weapons in the demo will carry over to the full version if you decide to purchase it. Just make sure the demo and full version are on the same platform.

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