Rainbow Six Siege: The story behind Thorn

Published: 23:13, 07 November 2022
It is speculated that Thorn and Sledge are a thing
It is speculated that Thorn and Sledge are a thing

Brianna "Thorn" Skehan possesses a strong sense of justice and has zero tolerance for bullying. She often glosses over hard topics with humour and is quick to suppress her emotions. 

For a period of time, Ubisoft has pushed Rainbow Six Siege aside to focus on other titles. During this period, no new guns or maps were released in a hot minute and everything felt stale.

The devs promised something huge at the end of Year 6, and they delivered Brianna "Thorn" Skehan. The two-speed, two-armour defender hails from Ireland with a brand new gadget and (even more exciting) a brand new gun, the UZK50GI.

Brianna grew up on a farm with a massive interest in military training and horse racing. She has five older brothers who helped her become the strong fighter she is today. 

Thorn's youngest brother, Liam got caught up in a bad crowd which later burned a part of his family farm down, killing all of their prized horses. This was a turning point for Brianna as she decided to join the Garda Síochána the next day.

There, Thorn met Seamus "Sledge" Cowden and later on decided to apply for the Emergency Response Unit. She was quick to climb the ranks and then later became the tactical weapons expert.

Her brilliant work did not go unnoticed and Taina "Caveira" Pereira was quick to offer her a spot in her team for the Rainbow Six Invitational. Thorn accepted and invited her new group to her family's farm in Ireland. Once their training was done, they travelled to Greece for the Invitationals. 

Ubisoft Thorn's gadget's name is the Razer boom, it releases razors upon explosion Thorn's gadget's name is the Razer boom, it releases razors upon explosion

In Greece Caveira and Thorn went sightseeing and spotted some suspicious-looking men exchanging briefcases. Caveira didn't give them any of her attention but Thorn was eager to investigate. The men had been exchanging stolen weapons and artefacts.

Thorn decided to confront the men which ended up escalating into hand-to-hand combat. One man fled in a van and Caveira and Thorn decided to chase after him on horseback.

Caveira shot out one of the tires and caused the van to crash. The items were seized and Thorn, Caveira and the man were arrested. After they were released from police custody, Skehan and Caveira were reprimanded by Sam "Zero" Fisher for failing to keep a low profile

Signs of vulnerability were weaknesses in the eyes of her brothers, which would explain her perfectionism, her competitiveness, and her ferociousness on the field.

She gets along with everyone and elevates morale with her stories. She’s awake and training before most of our specialists have opened their eyes.


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