LPL: eStar Gaming outclassed Invictus Gaming in a 2-0 win

Published: 13:47, 23 March 2020
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Invictus Gaming finally lost a series as they got completely dominated in their 0-2 loss to the new LPL sensation eStar Gaming. The new squad showed no mercy to the former world champions as they repelled every proactive play IG tried to force on them.

The first day of week 4 of the LPL featured the match of the season thus far as Estar Gaming beat the arguably strongest team in the world, Invictus Gaming, in a rather convincing fashion.

Both teams went in the game with six wins on their record but IG were holding the top spot since they haven't lost a series yet as opposed to eStar who lost against Edward Gaming.

In the first game of the series, both teams drafted a somewhat normal team composition with the Lucian mid for Rookie becoming a trademark for IG now. A level two gank from eStar resulted in two kills in their favour, while on the other side of the map, TheShy started to grow a sizeable gold lead over Xiaobai.

In the 12th minute of the game, IG tried to force a play around the tier 2 turret on bot lane, and what seemed to have been a winning team fight for them at first, ended up disastrously as the already fed Varus fired his arrows in the backline freely.

From this point on, Invictus Gaming tried to find the right team fight over and over again, but the gold gap was simply too big and so eStar took game one.

Riot Games League of Legends pro player TheShy TheShy's top lane dominance was nowhere to be seen

Invictus Gaming tried to take away some of their opponent's comfort picks as they snatched themselves Varus in the second game while eStar went for the Syndra AP carry in the bottom lane. Similar to game one, eStar successfully forced early game plays as they put themselves ahead after a back and forth team fight in the top lane.

IG seemed desperate at this point of the game, as they constantly picked fights they couldn't win, with the gold lead hitting 4K in eStar's favour by the 10-minute mark. Even though the gold difference was this big, eStar were very patient in terms of closing the game out, showing respect to the former world champions at the other side of the rift. 

Finally, after taking what seemed to be every possible objective on the map, they finally marched their way to the Nexus thereby defeating the amazing Invictus Gaming and taking the LPL top spot.

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