LoL esports: TSM reveals 2020 Summer Split roster

Published: 00:40, 28 May 2020
TSM roster for 2020 Summer Split
TSM roster for 2020 Summer Split

Team SoloMid revealed their full roster for 2020 Summer Split, finally showing who the new jungler is now that Dardoch is gone.

TSM put together a promo video for their 2020 Summer Split roster, shown below, revealing that Spice got the jungler spot. It was the only unrevealed position up until the trailer as Dardoch was already confirmed to be out of the team and has since joined Dignitas. 

The new jungler comes from the academy roster but he has already played in TSM's main roster back in 2019, before being replaced by Dardoch. The tables have now turned and hopes are high among the fans that he will outperform his successor/predecessor in the role.

Other roles remained fairly unchanged. Broken Blade is still the toplaner while Biofrost is still the support. The latter will probably have more chances to shine in the new split though, since he has been joined by Doublelift who was previously a part of Team Liquid.

The duo has been reunited in the same team where they previously played together, years after Doublelift joined TL and won several titles with them.

As far as the midlane goes, it is probably redundant even talking about who is in the role. Bjergsen has been the face of the team for more than half a decade now. He joined TSM in late 2013 and has been the team's constant for the entire time, becoming a shareholder in the process.

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